How do you show the world who you are? Through music, dance, drama, art, spoken or written word, hobbies?

What makes you light up? What speaks to you? What tugs at your heart? It’s important to channel your unique abilities into a form of self-expression that nurtures you. What you bring to the world and how you express it differentiates you from everyone else. Self-expression requires you to look inward, reflect and pay attention to who you are. Like your personal story, nobody can duplicate or express themselves in the exact same way.

How do you express yourself

I self-express through writing and DIY (Do-it-yourself) experiences. Whether creating with words or found objects, it fulfills me deeply and joyfully. I write like a musician plays an instrument, with intent, purpose, feeling and emotion. Who knew my instrument would be a keyboard, a computer keyboard that is. Writing is effortless, each letter, a note and each word, a chord. With each keystroke, I’m one step closer to crafting a melody that exudes my point of view. It gives me pure joy to express who I am from the inside out. DIY, as well gives me inexplicable joy too. There are no limits, no boundaries; experimentation is welcomed. The unexpected results and unintended destinations I encounter along the way are a great precursor to the uncertainty and imperfection found in the everyday.

Although there are endless ways, it’s important to find the mode of self-expression that enlivens and fills you up in inexplicable ways. How do you show the world who you are?

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