Ever consider the question, “is life serving you well?”  Living a life that serves you requires nothing more than mindfulness.

Whenever I’m in a quandary about accepting an invite, a task requiring my attention, or whether or not an item should continue taking up valuable real estate in my home – I ask myself, does it serve me? Maybe that blouse hanging in the closet with tags still intact might be of usefulness to someone else if donated. Perhaps some quiet time alone is better solution for my stress levels more so than a night out. Does that paint job really need to be done this very minute when my heart is telling me otherwise? Any initial mixed feelings are an indication that careful thought and honesty are in order.

Everything we do should have purpose, intent and meaning, don’t you think? It should serve us and/or others in a meaningful and purposeful way. Time is an unreplenished resource that we can’t get back; each passing second, minute, hour – when it’s gone, it’s gone forever. Holding ourselves accountable to spending our time wisely is really up to us.

So how about the next time you feel that internal tug of war raging inside or you are unsure how to proceed, ask yourself, “Does it serve me?” Listen to your inner voice, no matter how soft, and decide if whatever you are questioning serves you, others and/or aligns with the essence of who you are. However, from me to you, I sure hope even the tiniest moments are serving you well.

What causes you conflict when deciding how to spend your precious moments?

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