stacked journals

Journaling is an opportunity to document your personal journey;

a safe place to laugh, cry, plan, vent, dream, hope, confront and wonder,

Journaling is the ultimate descriptor of self;

a place to pay attention to what lifts you up as well as what tears you down.

Journaling is the precursor to a life filled with intentional moments;

a place where you discover who you are and who you are not.

Journaling is filled with endless possibilities;

a place for affirmation, healing, intervention, self-care, celebration …….

Journaling is mindfulness and welcomes your every thought.

Allow your writing instrument to roam freely, uncensored until you hit your stride. The manner in which you choose to document your life is up to you.  Expressing oneself from the inside out, is both rewarding and affirming. If you haven’t already, I sure hope you will give it a try.

What is journaling to you? Have any journaling experiences to share?

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