Handwritten Goodness

I never tire of writing about handwritten treasures. So much so that when I was asked to adapt Gifted Memories for the blog, Handwritten, I was thrilled. This year, I made a pact with myself to compose at least one handwritten note, card or letter per month. The year...

Papercrafting Station

I decided to turn my secretary into a papercrafting station. The top section used to look like this filled with various tchotchkes   while the drawers were filled with random miscellaneous stuff.   So I emptied everything out and replaced the fabric backing with a...

The Meaningful Memories of Our Lives

In my continued quest to scrutinize all my home's belongings, it is now time to deal with the ephemera of or lives. This, by far, will be the toughest challenge. I have saved a lot of snippets from my children's lives and have my own memory boxes filled with the...

A Desk Molded into Shape – Part 2

Here's where I left off with this desk a few weeks back. Anytime I'm unsure of how to proceed or I second guess myself, procrastination sets in, and there you have it, an unfinished piece waiting for closure far too long. Taking note of it's unfinished state when...

A Desk Molded into Shape

I found this desk at a yard sale last summer. When I spotted it, I liked it's mid century appeal but it was not very sturdy and the legs were wobbly. Poor thing, as you can see it was leaning to one side. No problem, a little DIY will take care of that. Since I always...

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