Affirming the Conversation Within

What does your conversation within sound like? What do you tell yourself on a regular basis? Are you kind to yourself? Do you champion the cheerleader within? What we believe about ourselves is most important and should supersede everything else, negative or positive,...

Is Life Serving You Well?

Ever consider the question, "is life serving you well?"  Living a life that serves you requires nothing more than mindfulness. Whenever I'm in a quandary about accepting an invite, a task requiring my attention, or whether or not an item should continue taking up...

How Do You Express Yourself?

How do you show the world who you are? Through music, dance, drama, art, spoken or written word, hobbies? What makes you light up? What speaks to you? What tugs at your heart? It’s important to channel your unique abilities into a form of self-expression that nurtures...

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