I’m always interested in people’s life stories and enjoy listening to their experiences and reflections of their formative years and defining moments. Life stories don’t have to be grandiose to be interesting or meaningful and the  good times don’t have to outweigh the bad to warrant reflection. The chapters of our life story make us who we are. Our stories influence our behavior and responses to life’s current events. Being mindful of our past stories helps us navigate our lives less reactionary and more intentionally.

and the Title of our Life

So, if you would take a look back at your life, accessed where you’ve been, what you have accomplished or yet to accomplish coupled with your good and bad experiences, what would the title of your story be?  For example, Better Days Ahead, Still Standing or On My Own is indication that adversity was at the forefront.  A New Horizon or Act 2 suggests a shift in trajectory or new beginning while Duly Noted signifies the acknowledgement of teachable moments extracted form life experiences. Coming up with an accurate title requires careful thought, assessment and reflection. Originality is not necessary; consider using an existing book or song title to make it easier.. The point is to  sum up your life or how you see your life in a few words.

Your title doesn’t have to be a perfect match but one that sums up who you are  or the next stop in your destination. Reflection is such a valuable tool to keep your inner being strong and sturdy for life ahead. It allows you to grow exponentially, identify patterns and acknowledge lessons learned.

Some potential names of my story could be: Painful Greatness (you could read about that here),  “Satisfaction Starts Within”, “Worthy, Blessed and Rightfully So” or “Journaling My Way to Self-Discovery”. Our personal story has value and purpose not only to us but can also be of service to others too. When embraced and shared, it can facilitate a connection that  promotes understanding and compassion.

Now it’s your turn! What would be the title of your story or memoir and why? If nothing comes to mind immediately, that’s okay. Think about it when you’re waiting in line, stuck in traffic or in between the events of your day. And whenever you discover your title, please come back and share because your life story is worthy of acknowledgement and  a gem just waiting to be discovered.

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