I decided to turn my secretary into a papercrafting station.

The top section used to look like this filled with various tchotchkes


while the drawers were filled with random miscellaneous stuff.

papercraft storage


So I emptied everything out

and replaced the fabric backing with a colorful paper background. I added back the things I like to look at or inspire me.

secretary IMG_1360

Like a reminder to “DREAM” big



A couple of angel ornaments that are never put away


and very important reminders of my triumphs too.


What’s left of a childhood tea set

and various stamps throughout.


I’m so happy most everything I need is now in one place,

a place for everything and everything in it’s place.


I’m ready to create!


This piece has come a long way since it’s painted  beginnings:). Sometimes I get the urge to paint it again and then I remember all the hours I spent stripping it and wimp out every time. Who knows, never say never.


secretary before


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