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Hi there, I’m Joselyn with an “s”:) I’m passionate about affirmation, self-expression, creativity and the examination of life story.

When I’m not busy with the usual everyday responsibilities, I am engaging in some type of maker project. Creativity is my best friend, my super power, my therapy and my saving grace. The process of making and self-expressing from the inside out energizes and fills me up allowing me to offer my best self to the world. Putting a creative spin on everyday life makes each day fulfilling, exciting and fun. Viewing the world through a creative lens allows me to embrace present moments, appreciate perfect imperfection and recognize life’s endless possibilities.

Providing a curated mix of content that inspires the recognition of moments that matter and serve you along with self-reflection, self-care and self-love is at the core of Meaningful Remnants. And, it goes without saying, you will also find a smattering of creative DIY projects including some “meaningful remnants” from my previous DIY focused blog life.

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