A Toastmaster’s Journey Begins

Recently, I joined Toastmasters. It was quite a challenge to prepare my very first Ice Breaker speech which gives a newbie the opportunity  to introduce themselves to their fellow Toastmasters. From the moment I made the commitment to present, I began crafting my...

What Podcasts Are You Listening To?

  I think I'm turning into a podcast junkie! I love podcasts!  They make me happy. There are so many to choose from and you can find ones that target your specific interests. I subscribed to a few but here are some of my favorites: How I Built This hosted by Guy Raz...

Finding 123 Happiness Road

123 Happiness Road is a fictitious location for where your happiness resides. Have your ever stopped to consider where you fall on the happiness scale? Happy for No Reason (an actual book title)? Happy just because? Happy sometimes? Rarely happy? So how do you define...

Meaningful Remnants is About …….

Intrigued by the name, a tech support person asked me "what is Meaningful Remnants about?" At the time, frantic about my blog's disappearance and being caught off guard, I found myself stumbling over my words. My inability to instantly convey my intended focus...

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