Toastmaster at the podium

Recently, I joined Toastmasters. It was quite a challenge to prepare my very first Ice Breaker speech which gives a newbie the opportunity  to introduce themselves to their fellow Toastmasters.

From the moment I made the commitment to present, I began crafting my speech in my head.    After finalizing the content, I would feel the urge to revise it again and again. The manner in which I describe myself is always in a state of flux. It’s part of my learn, grow, evolve mantra. I wanted my words to paint an accurate picture of who I am.

In my speech, titled “Who am I?”  Who are you?”, I put aside my everyday life roles – as in daughter, sister, wife, mother – and the usual classifications such as gender ethnicity, age grouping, job title, etc. to convey what I think makes me uniquely me. Here is part of what I said:

 “I am a creative enthusiast and visionary who loves to make journal and write. Creativity is my super power, my therapy and my saving grace.  My creative brain is always in gear, ready to serve me and my maker journeys. It is why I appreciate, present moment, perfect imperfection and personal affirmation.”

My intent was to demonstrate how we can surpass our everyday roles, dig deep and connect with the unique specialness of who we are.

I was pleased with myself for taking my first steps toward dismantling my fear of public speaking. “I am tired of living behind the facade of all I am capable of being.”

Happily, it was well received and my message resonated with the audience. I’m excited about the journey ahead of me and the personal growth that awaits me. I’m excited,

Have you ever given thought as to to what makes you, you? Do you have any new journeys ahead of you?

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