Intrigued by the name, a tech support person asked me “what is Meaningful Remnants about?” At the time, frantic about my blog’s disappearance and being caught off guard, I found myself stumbling over my words. My inability to instantly convey my intended focus bothered me. So here goes.

The name, Meaningful Remnants, encompasses a myriad of thoughts and ideas, all stemming from a place of mindfulness. The importance of paying attention and recognizing what matters, whether it be the smallest of  details to the larger defining moments or anything in between.  A smile, the first signs of a season, a major life event – all have value and warrant our undivided attention.

I remember when, defining moments, thankful, grateful, what I know now, forever changed, note to self

Meaningful Remnants can also  be the moments from yesterday that we  hold dear and treasure today – all the memories, experiences and relationships that have impacted and shaped who we are. It also represents anything  salvageable, worthy of being transformed into usefulness with nothing more  than a little creativity.

Meaningful Remnants suggests that when you “dwell in possibility” you begin to think, live and create with possibility. This opens the doors into a myriad of even more possibilities, all the while, dwelling in the best of you. With present moment focus, the discovery of what’s important and what truly matters becomes so clear, allowing our wholeness, thankfulness and contentment to rise to the surface.

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Cheers to Meaningful Remnants! Cheers to you!


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