I think I’m turning into a podcast junkie! I love podcasts!  They make me happy. There are so many to choose from and you can find ones that target your specific interests. I subscribed to a few but here are some of my favorites:

How I Built This hosted by Guy Raz tells the stories behind businesses such as Panera, Bob’s Red Mill, Home Depot, FUBU, The Knot, BET etc. The  entrepeneural stories are both engaging and amazing.

Nickie Snyder hosts The Thing She Does featuring the life stories of women and their pursuit of what matters and what they are truly passionate about. I’ve listened to many episodes and the ingenuity, tenacity and joy expressed by her guests is uplifting and motivational.

Happier with Gretchen Rubin is a feel good exchange between two sisters. When I listen to Gretchen and Elizabeth, instantly I think of my sister. The discussion offers practical advice, ideas and tips for living a more organized, mindful and happier life.

“Regular people have more interesting stories than you can find in any celebrity magazine.”

Drew Carey

I’m a champion for recognizing and sharing our personal story. I just think we tend to undervalue the richness of our human experience and the goodness it can bring to others. Too often, the spotlight focuses on celebrity or public figures who are idolized for their accomplishments.  But everyday personal stories have just as much, if not more,  inspiration, if acknowledged and given the opportunity to be heard. That’s why I like podcasts so much. The stories that unfold are awesomely inspiring.

And your favorite podcast is ………?



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