Painting my front door has been put on the back burner way too long. I’ve been in my home fifteen years and it has been on my to do list for at least seven.

Part of my procrastination was deciding on a color. Taking into consideration the red orange brick, dark grey mortar and beige siding that has a slight grey undertone, and charcoal grey shingles, I didn’t want add more grey. Instead, I decided to go with a strong pop of color in the blue family. After googling images, perusing Pinterest for ideas and a couple of runs to Home Depot for paint chips, I decided on Navy Blue.

As I began to paint the door, immediately, I began second guessing my color choice, wondering if another shade of blue would have been better. Opposing thoughts battling, “what were you thinking”  versus ” keep going”. Before the crazy dialog went too far, I quickly reminded myself to get a grip, it’s only paint. If I don’t like it, guess what?  I can choose another color and paint it again.

This is the very reason I love DIY (do-it yourself) projects. It allows you to squash the crazy in the midst of the doing. I am able to focus on the task at hand while reflecting and throwing away the unproductive thoughts that don’t serve me and sette into a mindful meditative state that is uplifting and restorative.

Navy Blue painted front door

Turns out, I am happy with my color choice. I nicknamed it the London door because it reminds me of the colorful doors I admired when I was in London.

The side door is next on the list. It is the door we use the most. Not only does it need to be painted but it also needs a new screen door too. Thankfully, no procrastination about this color decision. Initially, I was going to paint it the same navy blue color but then I thought, why not match the siding instead. Wow, how easy was that? After all, it’s just paint. If I don’t like it, I can just paint it again:)

How about you? Do you like your front door?  Do you second guess yourself in the midst of a project? How do you silence the negative thoughts?

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