I bought a Hyacinth bulb. It’s one of my favorite flowers because they are so fragrant, and like all flowers, beautiful. I love waiting patiently for bulbs to bloom; they are the perfect vehicle to remind me to be mindful and embrace each present moment.

hyacinth bloom

The instructions said to put it in a cool place with lots of light. I placed it on my dining room windowsill.  The curtains obstructed it’s view. My intention was to snap a pic every couple of days to document it’s evolution and be present with it each day.

Days past and I pushed the curtains aside to look out the window and found  my hyacinth flower slumped over, laying on the sill with very little water to spare.

It had bloomed beautifully and I missed it. My present moment reminder had been forgotten.

It didn’t last too much longer but I made sure to admire it’s beauty and fragrance for it’s remaining days.

hyacinth bloom close up

It’s the small little things that make life sweet if only we take time to notice.

How or what do you do to remember to be present?

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