I love to create, re-create, repurpose and make. I dabble in just about everything including sewing, upholstery, furniture refinishing. It’s part of who I am. Although, I have been at it for some time, I don’t consider myself an expert and perfection is not what I strive toward. In fact, I have learned to welcome and embrace perfect imperfection in my DIY pursuits.


media cabinet flanked cabinets

The experience of stripping the layers of a piece of furniture while simultaneously peeling back the layers of my being is my intention. As I work with my hands, I’m working on myself from the inside out, reflecting, praying, meditating, feeling, being and growing. Creating offers me a place of joyful present moment solace; a feeling like no other that fills me up and restores my soul.

When I saw this console curbside with a sign that read “Free Take Me”, I did just that. I hoisted it into my van all by myself. No easy feat as It is a heavy, solid and substantial piece.

Initially, when I stepped into furniture refinishing, I operated carefully – striping, sanding and painting or staining to achieve a flawless finish. Distressed finishes weren’t on my radar. As time went on though, I began experimenting and playing around like I did with these rattan doors. I never decided which pattern I preferred so I left it as is. Uniformity is so overrated anyway:)

I do the same in my everyday life, thinking outside the box, forgoing conventional solutions and confronting fear. DIY challenges you to step out of your comfort zone. DIY is a training ground for living life full throttle. DIY speaks to the possibilities of what could be.


With each transformation, you realize that anything is possible, it’s never too late and the outcome isn’t nearly as important as the personal journey. Speaking of transformations, the two cabinets flanking the sides of the console used to be one cabinet. You can read more about this transformation here and here.

How about you? How do you feel when you are creating, making or re-purposing?  I would love to know your thoughts.

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