I kept putting off the holiday decorating. Let’s face it, when your kids age out of holiday excitement, the motivation to retrieve the tree and decorations from storage is no longer a priority.  I will forever treasure those “I can’t sleep” Christmas Eve nights, being awoken before sunrise and then watching their inner  joy explode into massive smiles and squeals as they opened their presents.

Anyway, when I opened the ornament boxes, I was so uninspired. I’m so done with the brown reminders of my past obsession remains as I wrote about here.

And even though I made or embellished some  of these ornaments, I needed a change, I wanted to create something different.

Immediately, I thought about this little guy I picked up last year at Target. He caught my attention because he had that handmade look.  He was just the inspiration I needed and he has a twin brother too:)

I love his plaid shirt and was hoping to find some black and white plaid ribbon. I didn’t have any luck so I stopped by a thrift store and picked up an almost identical flannel plaid shirt. I cut it into strips, stitched the sections  together and serged the edges.

Using remnants of past Christmases of my son’s younger days, like photos

and teddy bears,

and some silver vintage ornaments and pinecones, I got my different.


I draped the tree with with the flannel plaid trim

to add to the country folk art aesthetic.

No tree topper this year. The one that I have is too tall for this table top tree.

And there you have it, a tree that honors our holiday memories. I adore the plaid. I realize it might not be for everyone, but it’s definitely for me:)

How is your holiday decorating going? All done? Do you like to keep things the same or mix it up from year to year?

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