Meet my new best friend who has made my life so much easier. I might be biased but I think she is gorgeous:)

ruffler attachment foot

If you haven’t guessed already, she is a ruffler attachment foot and she works like a charm. I never thought to acquire one until now. Imagine that! I’ve been sewing for a very loooooong time and never had the pleasure of meeting this delightful being.

Here is how it all started. I wanted the brown fabric on my dining room chairs to go away, quickly. A few years back, I was into all things blue and brown and, unfortunately, the aftermath of that obsession still remains in various places in my home.  I will forever love every shade of blue imaginable but  lately I’ve been jonesing for the greys  too. As for these chairs, rather than reupholster them, I thought I make some neutral chair covers using some Canvas fabric I had laying around instead.

I experimented with pleats and ruffles and ultimately decided on a ruffled edge. the fabric is somewhat heavy, so when I began constructing the ruffles, I was finding it quite difficult to form uniform, even gathers to my liking.

chair seat cover with ruffle attachment foot and ruffle

I searched online and discovered this ruffler attachment at I ordered it immediately. It arrived quickly and I have been smitten ever since.

chair cover ruffle edge close up

It makes constructing ruffles so much faster and easier.

Onward and upper, this chair is now ready for a chair topper. To pleat or not to pleat, that is the question:)

ruffle seat cover

To be determined and continued…….

Do you have a creative tool that you can’t live without?







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