The ability to make something from nothing, using remnants that would otherwise be overlooked or rendered useless and revamping them into usefulness is something I love to do. It requires you to think outside the box and tap into your creativity. This process has no boundaries and even leftovers can be upcycled into a delicious and creative meal. Recently I pinned this dinner idea and couldn’t wait to try it.

spaghetti omelet in cast iron skillet

It was delicious! It was satisfying and best of all, it was quick.    You can find the recipe over at Dinner A Love Story; the story leading up to the recipe made me laugh too. Truthfully, I think you could toss just about anything into this Spaghetti Omelet and it would be a winner.  I made it in a cast iron skillet so I was able to put it in the oven  for a few minutes to allow the top of the to cook thoroughly.  To take it up a notch, I also added shrimp and served it with a salad.

Speaking of salad, I do a lot of remnant creating with the greens as well. Leftover ravioli, beans, strawberries etc. and my very own homemade house dressing can only elevate ones favorite lettuce variety.

remnant salad

I just pull whatever I have in the fridge and have at it. I like to make everything pretty. Presentation just enhances the enjoyment, at least to me.

 I guess its obvious that I have a thing for strawberries.

The moral of this story is leftovers, can be the perfect thing to experiment with and create new dishes you never thought you had in you.

Have your created any remnant entrees that wowed you?

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