My remnant wreath is a nod to Bohemian design which is all about thinking outside the box and forgoing rules, my favorite things to do when engaging in the process of making.

Using what I already have on hand to experiment and play around brings me joy too.

Some time ago, I  had wrapped this styrofoam wreath in muslin and since then has been waiting patiently for some embellishment.

So I decided to  layered it with various trims and buttons,  Since everything is held in place with straight pins, I can easily change it up if I so choose. Love that!


After I painted my front door, I hung a purchased wreath but it just wasn’t me.  I needed to do my own thing.

And I’m so glad I did because I rather like my remnant Bohemian wreath. It makes me smile.

Do you have favorite things in your creative stash that you like to experiment and design with?




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